Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brett Jarolimek RIP

Friend and fellow singlespeed cyclocross racer Brett Jarolimek was killed while riding his bicycle on Monday. The first season I raced cross here in Portland, Brett was the guy that I always ended up "racing." Those of you who race have probably had a similar experience: that same guy who is always just ahead or just behind you. That first year, when I didn't know anyone at the races, I looked forward to duking it out with Brett because I knew at the end of race he would flash that great smile and give me a friendly "great race." In subsequent years he got faster and I got slower, but he became a friend that I looked forward to seeing each week.

Sunday Brett had his best cyclocross finish ever, getting thrid in the tough ss class. Monday was a gorgeous day and I'd bet that he had an excellent last ride.

We miss you Brett.

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gwadzilla said...

that is a sad story

I am sorry

Ride In Peace Brett