Saturday, May 27, 2006

Utah Visit

Last week I took a "work" trip to Utah to check in on my house and see some friends. Despite the hectic schedule it was a lot of fun. I got to hand-deliver two frames, go on a great Park City ride and saw most of my good friends.

I arrived on Wednesday which is shop party day at Wild Rose--always a great time. There was a huge attendance and we set out for the traditional "Tour de Satan" bar ride.Without going into too many incriminating details all I will say is that it was a riot: Parking garage crits, beer goblets, Temple Square Omnium, Taco stand feasting and other general mayhem. The old crew hasn't changed a bit and it was a pleasure to hang with them again.

Steve Cook, recent winner of two Gold Medals for Nordic skiing at the 2006 Paralympics in Torino, was on hand to receive his new Pereira Singlespeed 29er. It's got one of the fanciest paint jobs yet and I think he was thrilled. The pic isn't the best, but I hope to have some better ones on the site soon. Maybe I can get him to take a few after he builds it up. It's a wicked midnight blue pearl with a "bass boat" gold panel. This should give you the idea.

I spent most of my time working on my house, getting it ready for some new tenants, but I also got a great ride in with the crew in Park City. The trails are just drying out, are in terrific shape and the weather was typical Utah-perfect.

The crew was 11 deep and there were 6 Pereira Cycles! Very cool. Too bad Steve didn't have all his parts or we would have had another.

Right in the middle of the ride we cut through a posh Deer Valley neighborhod and bumped into another Pereira owner, Steve Rescigno. Too funny to see him. I think he was just as surprised as I was. I had called him earlier in the day, but he was working and couldn't make the ride.

I'm back in Portland now and got right back to building frames. To all of you waiting, hang in there, your frame will be done soon!

I just added a mailing list to my site. At this point I plan to use it to announce events, site changes, new pictures, products, etc. Maybe it will make a good forum for Pereira owners and future owners to meet and interact? It probably won't get too much traffic, so sign up and check it out. Let's see what happens.

Thanks to everyone for all your support. 2006 has been a great year so far. Business is booming and the frames are coming out great. Hope to see you all out on the trails soon.