Saturday, October 29, 2005

Joining the Circus

I can't get into my shop today so I'm taking care of "that list" of stuff I keep putting off.

Can't get into my shop.

Pereira Cycles has been a full-time endeavor for me for about two months now. After moving to Portland, Oregon I rented a space and set up the shop that I dragged here from Salt Lake City. Luckily I found a spot to set up right after arriving...unluckily it is located inside another business, so I only have access while they are open. Eventually the space will be improved and I'll have my own door. Since I couldn't get in today I had the opportunity to make some progress towards that eventual goal: filed my LLC paperwork, applied for a business license, filled out some insurance forms--all things that will be necessary for me to convince the owner of the building that I am serious and ready to take it to the next level. The insurance is the big one. The business I rent from is an auto repair shop. He specializes in some pretty high-zoot stuff. Lots of custom cars. I understand him wanting to cover himself--if I burn the place down or something horrendous like that.

Anyway...I'm Tony Pereira. I build custom bicycle frames. I think they rock. Now I have a blog too...just like everyone else.