Saturday, October 29, 2005

Joining the Circus

I can't get into my shop today so I'm taking care of "that list" of stuff I keep putting off.

Can't get into my shop.

Pereira Cycles has been a full-time endeavor for me for about two months now. After moving to Portland, Oregon I rented a space and set up the shop that I dragged here from Salt Lake City. Luckily I found a spot to set up right after arriving...unluckily it is located inside another business, so I only have access while they are open. Eventually the space will be improved and I'll have my own door. Since I couldn't get in today I had the opportunity to make some progress towards that eventual goal: filed my LLC paperwork, applied for a business license, filled out some insurance forms--all things that will be necessary for me to convince the owner of the building that I am serious and ready to take it to the next level. The insurance is the big one. The business I rent from is an auto repair shop. He specializes in some pretty high-zoot stuff. Lots of custom cars. I understand him wanting to cover himself--if I burn the place down or something horrendous like that.

Anyway...I'm Tony Pereira. I build custom bicycle frames. I think they rock. Now I have a blog too...just like everyone else.


29 and lovin it! said...

Ok, I guess I will get this party started. For those of you that don't know Tony and you are curious about him and the 29er movement let me give you alittle run down of my experience. I met Tony in the summer of 05 at a Mtb. Race (he'll tell you he dosen't train but don't believe him he's very fast) I did the single speed race with Tony and a few other of the Pereira team members and I couldn't help but notice these bikes they were riding and how much fun these guys were having. Anyway after the race I had to approach Tony and ask him about his bikes because I had never seen such a cool bike before. Anyway we started talking and right off the bat I couldn't believe how friendly and passionate he was about his bikes and the 29er movement. He gave me one of his cards and we parted ways, but in the back of my mind I knew my next bike was going to be a Pereira. The next week or so I caled Tony and told him to get the ball rolling on my new ride. Once again his passion was incredible. I knew I had picked the right guy for the job! Being the typical impatient cyclist I couldn't wait to get the bike and I told Tony that I would love to have the Bike for the Brian Head 100, one month ahead of the bike's expected finish date. Tony made it happen and stayed til 8 at nite to build the bike for me, Try getting Specialized or Trek to do that for you. I raced Brian Head the next day and couldn't believe what a bike I had gotten, try racing a 100 mile mtb race as your first ride on a stock bike and people would think you were crazy! Working in bike shops and racing for many years I have owned some pretty nice bikes in my time including Moots, Independent fab, Look, Time, Serotta, Ibis and I can honestly say my Pereira 29er is the best bike I have ever had, hands down!! So if you are looking for a custom bike look no further than Tony, he is one of the nicest, passionate bike builders you will find. He will build you a bike that you will have forever and love it like it is the first ride! Thanks again Tony! You rock and keep on torchin'.
My Ride:
Pereira Custom Geared 29er
White Bros .8 fork
XT- Sram Divetrain
Chris King hubs/Bonty rims
Thomson stem and post,
"Don't fear the pear"

nubrie said...

ok, here goes...long time viewer, first time blogger...

tony made me a bike too...geared 29'r. it's so sweet i haven't ridden my full suspension since. rode it at the 24 hrs of moab too with all the other PBR meatheads, that was a gas fo sho. thanks tony.

btw, have you seen the latest velonews? the hippy and dr. drake are in full view in the race start photo.

we're all waiting for snow here in slc...but the trails and temps are still good so the wednesday night session is still going on.

have some fun...peace-out

Jonathan Maus said...

Hey Tony,
Welcome to Portland. Just found your site from a link on Molly Cameron's blog. Look forward to running into you some time.

Anonymous said...

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