Monday, October 29, 2007

Astoria Halloween Cross Race

The Cross Crusade Halloween race had a new venue this year: The Astoria Fairgrounds. Excellent place...hope we are invited back. The festivities were a bit muted with Brett still on our minds, but much fun was had. Before the singlespeed race we did a silent lap of the course in Brett's honor. It was a very moving experience: about 150 people quietly circling the course behind Matt Hall (riding Brett's bike) and the Bike Gallery team. Once the memorial lap was over, Brad Ross called up the top 15 racers to the line including Brett who was 8th. The race was a bit of Halloween fun, a bit of tribute and a bit of hard-core racing. Tim and Tommy duked it out while a big group of Brett's friends stuck together and had some mellow fun. I was kitted out in a Motocross costume and rode my old schwinn "BMX" bike. Good times. It was a beautiful day and a great release after such an emotional week.

Photos here:

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