Monday, March 26, 2007

"Roaring 29er" goes racing

Since NAHBS I've finally been able to get some riding done. My "prize winning" Roaring 29er has been amazing. I've mostly been staying close to town and riding in Forest Park--not the most challenging terrain (largely fire roads)--but Sunday brought the first mountain bike race of the year, "Horning's Hustle," and the first real challenging terrain for my new ride.

This was a new mountain bike venue, but they did host a cyclocross race last season. It's some sort of hippy compound--a beautiful place about 30 miles west of Portland called Horning's Hideout which has been used as a music and event venue for many years. They put together a nice, although very muddy circuit course. Laps were about 5 miles long, with some grass, dirt roads, a stream crossing and lots of muddy singletrack. There were two very slick, very steep descents that had a lot of walkers and crashers. Tricky, off-camber turning descents with deep, loamy mud that grabbed at your tires and formed some nasty ruts. It was a blast.

John Dorfer, Brian G and Dave Bisers from Veloshop were also representin' Veloshop. This was John's first MTB race on his first MTB! He got 5th! Nice work John.

In framebuilder news I saw my first Coconino in Portland, ridden by local Matt Mahoney. Nice bike Steve. Ira Ryan showed up too--he's training for the trans-Iowa race, so he had to ride out there and show everyone how tough he is.

Somehow, after only taking two riding days in all of January and February I managed to get 3rd! That's a great way to start the season.

See all my (Lucy took these, so they are mostly of me ;) photos on Flickr:

Oh yeah, I got my new bike all muddy: