Saturday, March 03, 2007

Handmade Bike Show

Had a great trip down here with Ira Ryan on Thursday morning. I finished assembling my last bike at around midnight, got home for a couple of hours of sleep and then hit the road around 4 am, stomping on the rental van until we arrived in San Jose just 10 hours later--including a sit-down lunch! Not bad at all considering that I thought it would take 13.

We rolled into the show and bumped into our friends at the Vanilla booth, got everything set up and headed back out for food and sleep.

Friday morning came pretty quickly and, just like last year, a rush of adrenaline got the show off to a great start. It is incredibly exciting to experience so much enthusiasm for all these amazing bicycles. The crowd (and the other builders) are giving me a huge ego boost with all their very positive comments. I've had different people tell me that each of the bikes I'm displaying are their favorites of the entire show!

There hasn't been any time to take pictures, so I'll turn you over to the intrepid Jonathan Maus at BikePortland for most of those.

I have pictures of two of my bikes in my gallery. One is Jared's fixie and the other is my new Roaring 29er. I'll get some pics up of my Randonneur when I get back, but I know Jonathan has one up on his site today.

Time for breakfast...I'll try to check in later.


Phil said...

Beautiful stuff, as expected. Is the Roaring 29er a single speed or is that a Rohloff internally geared hub? I couldn't tell from your or Maus's pics. What's the purpose of the two thin stays running from the headtube to the fork tips?

The double box stripes on the rando bike are really nice, very reminiscent of Jack Taylor.

no it's not short for anything said...

WOW!!! That roaring 29er has me drooling on the keyboard! I would love to know the geo, and wheelbase/chainstay info, and how about a ballpark estimate on cost, so i can either keep on drooling or just give it up!

Jesse said...

Tony, congratulations! Absolutely awesome work.

chinese gardener said...

beautiful.... the roaring twenty niner I mean. Would one really ride such a beauty off road?

I think I'm even more envious....

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say congrats for your awards at the show. That is so AWESOME!!!

Tony said...

Thanks everyone. It was a great weekend.

Phil, It's a Chris King singlespeed hub. The "trusses" on the fork strengthen the whole contraption. The blades are light and flexy to smooth out the ride and the trusses will keep it from flexing too far.
My painter and I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of vintage bikes and the Jack Taylors were definitely a reference.

No it's not short: The cruiser was designed to be my everyday mtb. Wheelbase is 1053-1073mm and chainstays are 430-450mm depending on wheel position in dropout (paragon sliders). Geometry is a special tweak just for me. Like all my bikes this was made exactly for one rider. Frame, fork and stem combo goes for about $2400 depending on paint. If you want one we may be able to come up with something similar for a little less money. Drop me a line.