Tuesday, March 02, 2010

NAHBS 2010 and beyond

Just back from NAHBS 2010 in Richmond, Va. I wasn't intending to attend, but got a last minute offer to go on behalf of the Rapha Continental squad. I've been a double agent with Rapha going on four years, partnering with them as both a rider and a builder. Check out the site to see what we've been up to, riding and telling stories about it. I'm proud to be part of that great team.

It was a very different experience to be at the show without showing bikes. I had the pleasure of seeing old friends and making some new ones, the satisfaction of being recognized by fans and customers (still a slightly strange feeling to have fans) and the inspiration of seeing many beautiful bicycles from both new and old builders.

Highlights included hanging with the legendary painter Joe Bell and listening to his stories, meeting Gary Smith from IF and talking about the business side of things, bellying up with Don Ferris, and getting to know many other people that I don't see too often much better. I think I may be turning into a bit of a business geek and it was really interesting to pick the brains of all the folks at the show.

I didn't take a ton of pictures. Every time I went to look at bikes I'd run into someone and end up talking with them instead of studying bikes. Here are a few. Click on any pics to go to flickr for a bigger view.

Darrell McColloch

The Portland Mafia and Friends
This was towards the end of the show. We were all tired, drinking and very comfortable around each other by this time. Lots of secrets were spoken...of which you'll never hear

VanillaCrates vanilla-booth
Pretty cool to see these crates unfold. Sacha and the Workshop crew have true vision. I am in awe of what they put together this year.

Spent a bunch of time with Marc DiNucci. He's a true master. Look how consistently thin those lugs are. This is the work of a practiced hand. He told met hat back in the 70s he would build and paint 5 frames a week. Even he doesn't know how he did that.

This is the bike Mark built for the Oregon Manifest. It was unpainted then. Won Best Lugged Bike at NAHBS.

My favorite cross bike at the show. Curtis is awesome.

Banjo Crew
Nice folks for a bunch of grungy hippies! Seriously, they were very cool. Happy to know them now.

Banjo Rando
Here's the Banjo Rando Bike. Nice Details.

Mike Zancanato had this impressive cutaway frame. No voids here! He clearly know his stuff. I wish I could see all the builder's bikes like this.

Don Ferris
Don had at least 8 different kinds of whiskey behind his "bar". Very generous of him. Thanks Don! anvilbikes.com

Marty and Scott
Met Marty from geekhouse in person for the first time. He's an a-ok dude. Lives up to the name, for sure. This picture cracks me up.

Sachs Jerseys
Richard had all the different jerseys from his teams over the years. Cool to see the evolution that way.

The area of richmond around the convention center is pretty bombed out--a victim of people moving to the 'burbs. However, there is an undercurrent of art and culture as seen by this painting hung on the outside of a vacant storefront.

Rapha Store Finished
The Rapha booth was a reflection of the many convenience stores that the Conti team visits as we travel around and do our rides. Cary S-H from Rapha did the design work.
Here's the crate the entire store fit into:
Rapha Crate

That was a ton of work and a ton of fun.

I'm inspired to push Pereira Cycles ahead. Part of that will be more regular blog postings. They will almost never be this long, but be sure to follow along for what I expect to be weekly updates.

NAHBS will be in Austin, TX next year. I'm planning to be there.


CurioRando said...

Great that you got to the show.

Sounds like a tight community of folks happy to admire one another's work. The inspiration oozes out.

Love to see more posts down the road.

Lug Nut said...

Looking forward to seeing your bikes at the 2011 show in Austin. The bikes on your website look really great. I am still riding my mid-80s vintage Veloce bike built for me by John Stinsman in Allentown, PA. complete with Nervex lugs, similar to my '72 Motobecane Grand Record. Steel is real.