Sunday, December 02, 2007

A happy customer

This is what it's all about. Building bikes that fit perfectly. It's especially rewarding when there are no stock bikes that even come close to fitting. It's tough being 6'8".

Harrison is thrilled to have something made just for him. More pics here.


Jon said...

Wow. At my very first glance I thought that bike was a folder and was scanning for S&S couplers, then I read the post. 6'8"!

gwadzilla said...

are those 26" wheels?

why not a 29er?

I am 6'4"
the 29er retired all my 26ers
it was a major give away when I got my second 29er!

Tony said...

Those are 700c wheels. The tires are 45mm for commuting around town on pavement. They look smaller than the big knobby tires that you are probably used to on your bike, but the wheel size is the same. I'm building up a 29er mtb for a guy that is 6'9" right now--pictures coming soon.